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Demand Response Automation Program

Demand Response Automation

Our Demand Response Automation (DRA) program is designed to shift our customers' peak demand, delaying the need to build new, expensive peaking power plants. Upon notification, program participants are expected to reduce total metered demand by their contracted amount. In return, we offer these businesses valuable incentives. Watch this video to learn more.

Program Features:

  • Incentives for curtailable demand commitment
  • Flexibility of curtailment method and demand response load source
  • Ability to have Duke Energy Progress remotely control demand during curtailment events
  • Assistance in identifying and maximizing curtailable demand
  • Near real-time display of demand during curtailment events
  • Emergency Generator Option that allows use of generators with emergency classification

Program Options*:

Curtailable Option – This Option allows participants to reduce their demand using any method of their choice, including use of other sources of power. There will be a minimum of three curtailment events each summer, giving participants the opportunity to earn at least $57 per kW annually.

Emergency Generator Option – This Option is similar in design, but allows the use of emergency generators (as defined by RICE NESHAP) to curtail load. Under this Option, participants are expected to curtail load a minimum of one time each summer during the annual readiness test, resulting in the opportunity to earn a minimum of $45 per kW per year. Additional events will only occur when Duke Energy Progress has declared a NERC Level II (EEA2) reliability alert level.

* Customers should contact their state environmental agency to determine impacts of participation in the program on permitting and classification requirements for standby generators. 

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