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Frequently Asked Questions

Inquire about Surge Protection

You can receive more information about this program today by calling 1.888.999.8856.  Or submit our online form and a Duke Energy Progress Surge Protection Specialist will contact you, by your preferred method of contact, to provide additional information.



Service Entrance Protector

  • Single Phase Surge Protection is only $6.99 plus tax and a one-time installation fee of $44.95 plus tax.
  • Three Phase Surge Protection is $29.95 plus tax per month and a one-time installation fee of $195 plus tax.

Plug-in Protectors

  • $79* Each

 *Prices do not include tax.

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  • What is a Service Entrance Protector?

    A Service Entrance Protector is a high-energy single or three phase surge protection device that would be installed at your main service entrance panel or behind the electric meter. All power coming into your business runs through the Service Entrance Protector, making it the first stage of protection against surges.

  • Will the Service Entrance Protector protect all of my equipment?

    No, not by itself. The Service Entrance Protector offers excellent protection for non-electronic equipment such as air conditioners, refrigeration units, pump and large motors. While the Service Entrance Protector offers protection from powerful surges, a small portion of a surge can still pass through interior wiring, where it can damage sensitive electronics. For these sensitive electronics we offer our premium plug-in protectors which are up to six times stronger than some found in retail stores.

  • How do I know if the device is still working?

    Both our Service Entrance Protector and plug-in devices have indicator lights that let you know whether they are functioning properly. If these lights are not illuminated, be sure to call us at 1.888.999.8856.

  • Will the Service Entrance Protector protect my business from a direct lightning strike?

    No. Lightning strikes occurring in your area may send surges into your business through electrical, cable or phone lines. The Duke Energy Progress surge protection equipment is designed to protect against these common surges caused from nearby lightning strikes. Nothing can protect your business from a direct lightning strike, but the odds of lightning striking your business are very rare.

  • Will this stop the surges that cause my clocks and VCR to blink?

    Power interruptions that cause clocks to blink and effect other electronic equipment are not surges. Surge protection equipment will not reduce or prevent power momentary or extended power interruptions.

  • What about protection for my computer/modem, cable television/VCR, answering machines?

    These sensitive electronics are unique in that they have two or more sources of entry for a surge. It is critical that plug-in devices protect the lines connected to these electronic devices. Our premium plug-in devices offer both the standard electrical protection as well as the necessary phone, cable or satellite protection.

  • Will the power be turned off during installation?

    Yes. There is no way for the power to remain on while the installation is taking place. If you are at your business at the time of installation, the electrician may request you turn off any large equipment prior to their cutting the power at the meter.

  • Is there a minimum amount of time that I must keep the Service Entrance Protector at my business?

    Yes. Duke Energy Progress offers the Service Entrance Protector for an initial term of 24 months. Termination by the customer of the meter-based protection service prior to the end of this initial term will result in a removal/termination fee of $60.

  • How will I be billed if I purchase surge protection equipment?

    The charges will appear on the first or second electric bill you receive after purchase. The rented Service Entrance Protector will appear as a recurring line item on the electric bill. The installation charge will appear as a second line item on the bill and will be a one-time charge. The third line item will be for plug-in protectors and the cost can be spread over several months on the electric bill at no additional cost. Example: Single Phase Service Entrance with tax included at 7 percent, there would be a rental charge for $7.48 on the first line and another line for the one time installation charge of $44.95 + tax and a third line for any plug-in protectors purchased. Three Phase surge protection starts at only $29.95 plus tax per month, and a one-time installation fee of $195.

  • Will plug-in surge protectors work by themselves?

    Unlike our Service Entrance Protector, which offers protection from powerful surges, plug-in devices are not designed to handle major power surges. Our premium plug-in devices are designed to stop the small portion of surges that may not be blocked by the Service Entrance Protector alone. These smaller surges aren't usually harmful to large motor equipment, but they can cause serious damage to sensitive electronics such as computers, or any equipment that contains micro-processors or circuit boards. If only plug-in devices are used and a business receives a substantial surge, the devices may not provide adequate protection.

  • Won't a circuit breaker respond and protect the equipment?

    A typical surge travels at (1/1000) of a second. Circuit breakers take approximately (17/100) of a second to respond to excess current. Electrical surges will come and go before circuit breaker can operate.

  • If I have surge protection installed at my business and have damage as a result of a surge, is there a warranty that would cover my damaged equipment?

    If the service entrance protector is damaged as a result of a surge, we will replace or repair the surge protection device at no charge to you because this is a monthly service you are paying for. The manufacturers of the surge protection equipment do not provide a connected equipment warranty in any applications other than residential. Therefore in the rare event there was damage to equipment at your business, there is no manufacturer warranty covering repairs of equipment you own.