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Renewables & Customer Generation

renewable energy

Renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar energy, are important to Duke Energy Progress' balanced approach to meeting our region's growing electrical needs and helping to establish a cleaner energy future. We are investing in innovative new sources of energy and there are many ways you can join us. Please use the links below to learn more about renewable energy, our projects and how you can buy or sell renewable energy.

Learn About Renewable Energy

Explore various clean energy projects.

Sell Renewable Energy

Have a qualifying facility, such as a solar array or a wind turbine, and want to sell the output to us? View the eligibility requirements for our standard rate.

Offset Your Bill With Customer-Owned Generation

Generate electricity for your own use, and then provide what you don’t use back to us to help offset future bills.

Solar Programs for SC Customers

Several new programs will be available starting in late 2015 for customers interested in solar energy.

Support Renewable Energy

Carolinas customers have the option of supporting the development of renewable energy resources with these two voluntary programs.

Connect to the Grid

Before installing generation on our system, you must follow the interconnection standards and procedures.

Requests for Proposals

View our current requests for proposals for renewable energy projects.