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Requests for Proposals

Welcome to the Duke Energy Progress website for our request for proposals (RFP) for renewable energy resources. As part of our balanced solution for meeting the future energy needs of our growing region, we are seeking information on the availability of renewable and alternative electric generation.

At this site, you will also find information related to our various RFPs, including bidding deadlines, frequently asked questions, documents required for bidding and general communications pertaining to the RFP. The RFP is an ongoing request designed to meet the needs of multiple long-term planning requirements. Information will be posted to this site from time to time, and interested parties are encouraged to check frequently for updates. 

Waste-to-Energy Development Information Sheet

Under North Carolina’s Session Law 2007-397 (Senate Bill 3), electric power suppliers are required to meet a certain percentage of energy needs from renewable resources or energy efficiency. There are specific compliance requirements through the use of swine and poultry waste resources. This document is intended solely to provide general information to those developing waste-to-energy generation projects with the intention to sell energy, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), or both to a utility. This information sheet is not all encompassing. Generator owners are responsible for consulting with appropriate legal and energy professionals in determining all requirements for successful project development. Nothing in this Information sheet should be considered an offer or acceptance of terms or conditions for a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) or an Interconnection Agreement. 

Contact Us

For automatic updates on the current RFP process, future bidding deadlines or other related programs, please consult this website or email with a request to be included in our distribution list.

Duke Energy Progress is committed to building a robust, cost effective portfolio of renewable resources through purchases from renewable energy facilities, including wind, solar, landfill gas, waste-to-energy, and biomass. We appreciate your interest in helping us meet our renewable energy goals. Please continue to check this website for updates on future renewable energy solicitations or offers. If you desire to receive automatic notification of these updates, please email with a request to be included in the Duke Energy Progress renewable distribution list.

Acceptable unsolicited renewable energy proposals can be shared in the following form(s):

  • Renewable Energy coupled with associated RECs
  • REC-Only Proposals

Please note the proposal template link below that should be utilized if you desire to share an unsolicited renewable energy proposal. Completed proposals should be forwarded via email to Kathy Dunn,, or mailed to the following address: Duke Energy, 400 South Tryon Street, Mail Code ST13A, Charlotte, NC 28202, Attention: Kathy Dunn.


Duke Energy Progress – Unsolicited Renewable Energy Proposal Template (XLS file)