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Energy Efficiency for Business

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The Energy Efficiency for Business Program offers incentives to all Duke Energy Progress business customers who make energy-efficiency improvements.

  • Energy-efficiency measures can save up to 20 percent on your energy usage.
  • Incentives can cover up to 75 percent of your project costs.
  • Incentives are available for predefined energy-efficiency measures, custom measures and technical assistance.
  • Both existing buildings and new construction projects are eligible.

Program at a Glance

Questions? Please call 1.866.326.6059.

To qualify for our rebates, please follow these steps:

1. Check eligibility. Your project must be a facility improvement that results in a permanent reduction of electrical usage. All installed equipment must meet or exceed our specifications in our Policies and Procedures manual (PDF). Facilities must be served by Duke Energy Progress on a nonresidential rate.

2. Submit a pre-approval application. Pre-approval is required for most predefined lighting measures and all customer measures, and is strongly recommended for all other projects. Fill out the application form (check the "pre-approval" box) and incentive worksheet. Also include the specification sheet for proposed equipment and a brief description of the project. Submit the application via mail, fax or email. If approved, funds will be reserved for you for 90 days. If a pre-installation inspection is required, you will be contacted.*

3. Complete the project. Be sure that the equipment installed meets or exceeds the specifications in the Policies and Procedures manual (PDF). Pre-approved funds are normally reserved for 90 days; extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

4. Submit final application. Submit a final application as soon as possible upon project completion. Use the same form as the pre-approval application. Check the box for "final application" and attach the following documentation:

  • Detailed project description
  • Dated and itemized invoices for all equipment
     Specification sheets for all installed equipment
  • A signed, federal W-9 form for the incentive payee
  • Any worksheets associated with the application form

5. Receive your check. Checks are usually sent six to eight weeks after final approval.

* A pre-approval application is not a guarantee of an incentive; the actual incentive will be based on the energy savings and equipment installed as determined in the final application. Funds will be reserved until the estimated completion date, unless the applicant is granted an extension. The program team reserves the right to contact the customer before the reservation expiration date to ensure that the project is moving forward. If the project is not under way, the reservation will be cancelled. Funds that have been reserved are not transferable to other projects, facilities and/or customers. A waiting list may be established if funds become fully subscribed.