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Cash in with energy-efficient new construction

Residential New Construction Program for Builders

With rebates up to $4,000, we make it easier than ever to build energy-efficient homes.  Our Residential New Construction Program provides generous cash incentives to builders and developers who build new energy-efficient homes and multi-family residences in our service territory.

Residential New Construction Program Incentives for Builders

Builders can choose to participate in one of two incentive options:

  • Equipment Incentives up to $350 for installing qualified heat pump water heaters, high-efficiency HVAC systems and air conditioners.
  • Whole-house Incentives are based on the High Efficiency Residential Option (HERO) code. (The HERO code is an optional part of the 2012 North Carolina Energy Conservation Code.) This option offers incentives starting at $1,000 for meeting the HERO code and incrementally increases up to $4,000 for a HERO code home that also achieves a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Score of 55 or lower.

In addition, builders who meet or exceed the HERO code will be given the option of offering a Heating and Cooling Energy Usage Limited Guarantee to homebuyers. The guarantee is an effective tool for relaying the home’s improved energy efficiency to prospective buyers.

Applications can include measures completed in 2012 as long as builders meet all program requirements and comply with the following dates: For equipment incentives, builders must provide an equipment installation invoice dated after October 1, 2012. For whole-house incentives, builders must provide a HERS certificate dated after October 1, 2012.

Download our Builder Program Overview flyer.