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Monthly Automatic Draft

Program description

Automatic draft is a free, convenient way to pay your bill each month.  You can have the amount you owe automatically taken out of your checking or savings account on the bill due date.

If you wish to only make a one-time payment, please visit our credit card and electronic check payment page.

Before you sign up for Automatic Draft, please review your current account balance. You must pay any outstanding balances by mail, paystation or e-bill before signing up for Automatic Draft.

Once you've enrolled in Automatic Draft you can expect only your future monthly bills to be drafted.  Look for the following message on your Duke Energy Progress bill as confirmation that the draft program has begun, "YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DRAFTED FOR THIS BILL ON (date)."  View Bill Image

You can use Automatic Draft to pay for more than one Duke Energy Progress account. Please complete the online form for each Duke Energy Progress account to be drafted.


Sign up for monthly automatic draft

In order to transact business or view account-specific information, you must register to authenticate your identity. Your security and privacy are important.  Registration allows us to identify you as our customer.