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Energy Help

Energy Help

We know there is never a good time to seek a rate increase, and that electricity is a significant part of many of our customers’ monthly expenses. We are committed to minimizing the impact of increased costs on our customers through energy-efficiency programs and assistance for low-income customers and those experiencing financial crisis.

We’ve developed more than a dozen new energy-efficiency programs over the last three years to help our customers better understand how they can save energy and money.

These programs have helped our customers save more than 357 million kilowatt-hours of electricity since 2009. That’s like taking an entire town off of the electric grid.

Take control of your energy use with programs like:

Learn more about our energy-efficiency programs and discover the array of energy-saving tips and incentives available to Duke Energy Progress residential and business customers.

We are also helping low-income customers across the state save energy through our Neighborhood Energy Saver program. The program provides energy education and conservation measures at no cost to the customer. We’ve helped more than 12,000 low-income customers achieve nearly 12 million kWh in total savings each year.

Our customer service center is committed to working with customers who are experiencing trouble paying their bills before those costs spiral out of control. We offer an array of payment plans and other options that have helped more than 85 percent of customers struggling to pay their bills keep from reaching disconnect status. And our Energy Neighbor Fund has provided more than $21 million dollars in assistance since 1982 to help families in crisis across the Carolinas pay for heating and other energy costs.

If you need energy help, contact our customer service center at 800-452-2777.

Learn more about how Duke Energy Progress can provide Energy Help and help you save energy.