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Residential New Construction Program

Built to last. Built to save.

A new home may look great from the outside. But it’s what you can’t see from the outside that can make a big difference in your energy bills and comfort for years to come.

HERS Graphic

Know the score before you buy a new home!

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to know how energy efficient and well built a new home is—before you buy.  Simply look for a home with a low Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Score.  The HERS Score is the measure of a home’s energy efficiency—and the lower the score, the more energy-efficient  and well-built the home.  





It’s what’s inside that counts.

By participating in the Duke Energy Progress Residential New Construction Program, builders across our Carolinas service territory are making a commitment to building better, more energy-efficient homes.  In fact,  homes that qualify for the program achieve an additional 15-20 percent in energy savings beyond homes built to state building code requirements.

Independent, nationally accredited Home Energy Rating System (HERS®) Raters verify that qualifying homes have low HERS Scores and include these important energy-saving features:

• Increased insulation values
• Tighter building shells
• High performance HVAC systems
• High-efficiency windows

A lower score leads to higher savings.

Low HERS Scores determine a home’s quality and energy efficiency. (The lower the score, the more efficient and better-built the home.) A standard new home in the Duke Energy Progress service territory scores 85. The high-performance homes that qualify for our Residential New Construction Program feature an average HERS Score between 70 and 55, as verified by an independent HERS Rater.

By choosing a home with a HERS Score in this range, you are choosing to pay less on monthly energy bills while living in one of the most energy-efficient and comfortable homes available today.

All HERS Raters are certified by The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).  Learn more here.