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Energy-efficiency and DSM Programs

2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

The company’s Efficiency and Innovative Technology Department (EIT) manages Progress Energy’s efforts to (1) help residential and business customers use energy responsibly, (2) expand the use of renewable and alternative-energy resources and (3) aggressively pursue innovative energy technologies. Progress Energy is identifying ways to enhance customer control over energy use. Progress Energy is also evaluating emerging and evolving technologies that may change our energy future.

  • Since 1981, EE and DSM programs have reduced usage by more than 29.52 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) in the Carolinas and Florida. In addition, these programs have helped the company avoid 19.61 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • In 2011, energy usage reductions garnered by our Carolinas customers participating in EE programs reached more than 148 million kWh. These EE programs also provide customers with cost savings and result in deferral of new power plants and reduced power plant emissions.
  • Florida customers participating in EE programs have saved more than $1.25 billion since 1981 and reduced their energy usage by more than 119 million kWh in 2011 alone.


To achieve the first component of our balanced solution strategy, Progress Energy has established a robust DSM portfolio, including EE and demand-response programs in the Carolinas and Florida. These programs help customers lower their bills by saving electricity and reduce demand during times of peak energy demand. 

Progress Energy works collaboratively with policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders to design and implement programs that meet customer needs and conserve energy. From the customer perspective, these programs reduce electric bills and may delay the need for more power plants. We expect that changing technology, as well as changing customer attitudes, will lead to evolving EE programs.

Changing customer behavior is integral to the success of EE and DSM programs. Progress Energy educates customers on how to save energy and money, and promotes awareness of our programs. We offer low-cost and no-cost tips, promote online home energy audits and link customers with rebates for EE measures implemented in their homes and businesses. For more information, visit