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A Home Advantage new home is truly efficient because Duke Energy representatives actually work side by side with builders to design homes that will save energy and make new homes more affordable.

The Home Advantage Energy Saver home concentrates on the duct system and requires that your builder use a mastic sealant on all joints and connections. This ensures that your new home has a tighter system that won't waste energy through air leakage. A heat pump is also required in a Home Advantage home, to keep your family comfortable and your energy costs down year round.

A Home Advantage Energy Saver Plus home begins with your builder sealing the duct system with the same qualifications as a Home Advantage home. In addition, your new home must have either R-30 attic insulation or ductwork designed using a Manual D calculation so the right amount of conditioned air is delivered to each room. Your Home Advantage Energy Saver Plus home must also have a high efficiency heat pump so you and your family will have year round savings on heating and cooling.

A Home Advantage Premium Energy Saver/Energy Star home is at least 15 percent more efficient than the national Model Energy Code while maintaining or improving indoor air comfort – the highest standard in new home energy efficiency. Builders who have partnered with Duke Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have pledged that they are committed to energy efficient design and delivering cost-effective, energy saving homes that cost less to own and operate.   

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