Multi-Housing Builder Services

Using high efficiency equipment and services today can help you compete with the apartment communities of tomorrow. The following products and services were designed by Duke Energy to help you and your residents see an even greater potential in your multi-housing property.

Home Advantage - Services For New Apartment Communities

Receive incentives for energy efficient apartment design. Your multi-housing account manager works side-by-side with builders to promote the utmost in energy efficient apartment communities. As a result, your apartment homes can be more affordable, comfortable and energy efficient, thus delivering greater value to residents. In addition, you may be eligible to receive incentives of up to $325 per unit by meeting our recommendations for an energy efficient apartment design.

Common Area Lighting

Enhance property aesthetics while helping residents feel more secure. Your Duke Energy multi-housing account manager can provide you with a plan to help decrease energy consumption, reduce the amount of lighting maintenance and improve overall lighting conditions throughout your apartment home communities.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Incentives increase residents' comfort and savings by upgrading with our energy efficiency recommendations. Along with increased property value, energy efficient equipment gives you another benefit to offer potential residents. Ask your multi-housing account manager for details on how Duke Energy can provide and help pay a portion of your per-unit costs on the following services:

  • Duct Check: Central duct system leaks can cause energy loss and added expense. If we can determine that leaks are present and we have access to the associated duct system, we'll seal the joints and connections and pay a portion of any repairs that are needed.  
  • Insulation Check: If the insulation in your apartment homes is R-12 or less, you're eligible for our Insulation Check. We'll help pay a portion of the cost to upgrade your property's insulation to R-19, once it's recommended through an attic inspection. 
  • High-Efficiency Heat Pump Rebate: Receive a per-unit rebate when you install a high-efficiency heat pump. Your account manager can help you determine the efficiency level that's right for your property.