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Backup Generator Program

Use your backup generator to generate savings.

If you've invested in a backup generator, most of the time your investment sits idly by. Participate in the Backup Generator program from Duke Energy and you can reap substantial savings on your energy bill – for a return on your investment that lasts all year long.

To sign up for the program, contact your Duke Energy account executive or email us at


How it works:

By participating in the Backup Generator program, your business will begin earning monthly credits on your energy bill in exchange for utilizing your backup generator to help supplement regional power during periods of extreme energy demands.

  • Credits are based on the actual load your backup generator removes from the utility grid when utilized by Duke Energy. The total amount of savings will be calculated based on your level of participation and the average kW removed from the electrical grid over the last 12 months during requested operation periods.
  • Duke Energy will install, free of charge, a switch connecting your backup generator to our communications network. The switch enables Duke Energy to transfer your electrical load to your backup generator should we need to preserve the regional power supply.
  • In the event Duke Energy needs to utilize your generator, we will give you 24 hours advance notice whenever possible so that you may make any necessary preparations.
  • To further assist you in planning, Duke Energy will provide weekly updates on the probability of needing your backup generator.


Monthly credits can turn into substantial savings for your business. For example, a 750 kW backup generator with a 500 kW load can earn credits of up to $29,400 a year. What's more, your business earns energy credits every month, even if Duke Energy does not utilize your generator.

  1. No-cost participation and no long-term obligation.
  2. Simple setup, ongoing support. Duke Energy will provide a thorough energy evaluation at no charge. We also "exercise" your backup power generator periodically to ensure it supports your electrical load and properly communicates with our communications network.
  3. Good for your company, good for your community. When you participate in the Backup Generator program, you not only boost your bottom line, you help ensure the supply of reliable power for our entire community.

For more information, download the Backup Generation Program brochure. (PDF)

Bring your investment from backup to the forefront. Contact your Duke Energy account executive or e-mail us at today.

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