Power Quality Services

To be there for your customers, your electronic equipment has got to be there for you. Unfortunately, disruptions can occur. Nature, for example, has all kinds of ways to disrupt power to your equipment animals, tree limbs, electrical storms. Accidents can cause problems. The power usage of neighboring businesses can cause problems. Even the way you structure and use electricity internally can affect the quality and stability of your supply. The consequences for you and your customers can range from frustration to damage, downtime and data loss.

There are protective and corrective measures you can take, however. Customers call us all the time to find and fix their power quality problems. Duke Energy can help you, too, with power quality solutions that work best for you.

Surge Protection

Chances are, a lot of your day-to-day affairs rely on computers, fax machines, copiers, telephones and printers.  Take the time now to get the surge protection you need so your business won't miss a beat when the unexpected happens. Surge protection is well worth the money when you consider the cost of replacing valuable equipment and the amount of revenue lost in the meantime.


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* Surge Protection is available for small business customers. This service is not sold to large Commercial, Industrial and Government customers.