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Offset Your Bill

Offset Your Electricity Consumption with your Renewable Energy Generation

Duke Energy supports renewable energy and has a program that allows customers that own renewable generation, such as solar or wind that is installed at your residence or business, to use the energy output at your site to offset your electric consumption from Duke Energy.  At any time your system produces more energy than required to power your home or building, the excess energy may be applied as a credit to any current and future bills. This process is known as net-metering. 

All generators that intend to net-meter with Duke Energy are fully responsible for adhering to all utility requirements, applicable federal rules and regulations, applicable state and local ordinances, and applicable regulations adopted by the Florida Public Service Commission (the governing body of regulated utilities in Florida). This website does not establish a legal or binding arrangement; it intended solely to provide access to general information about potential options that may be available through Duke Energy. Generators are responsible for consulting with appropriate legal and energy professionals in determining if generation ownership is the right choice and for assistance in navigating applicable requirements and procedures. 

What You Need To Know:

  • All customers installing generation must follow the interconnection procedures as adopted by the FPSC. 
  • All customers that net-meter must participate in Duke Energy's Net-Meter Tariff.

Next Steps: