Home Advantage for Builders

Home Advantage for Builders

Home Advantage Gives You Cash Back

Join the Home Advantage program from Duke Energy to get cash incentives for building the energy efficient homes today’s buyers want.

Your personal Home Advantage representative will help you find a cost effective way to exceed Florida’s Energy Code and/or ENERGY STAR® requirements.  By incorporating various energy-efficient features in your new homes you may qualify for Duke Energy’s cash incentives. You’ll also receive marketing and sales support – all of which will make it easier for you to stand out in today’s housing market and sell more homes.

For builders who want to learn more about Home Advantage from Duke Energy and to speak with a representative, call 1.877.426.0004.

Builders: To learn more about Home Advantage from Duke Energy, please call 1.877.426.0004 or see our brochure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Program changes effective January 1, 2015. Please read.

Build homes that stand out in today’s market

With Home Advantage you’ll know exactly what you need to build energy-efficient homes that meet Florida’s Energy Code and ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Baseline requirements

  • Centrally ducted system constructed with mastic and fiber cloth or mastic with embedded fiber
  • All-electric heat pump
  • All joints, seams, connections and return platform sealed with mastic for a continuous air barrier

Cash incentives

You could qualify for the following Duke Energy incentives for including energy-efficiency measures in the home you build:

  • High-performance windows – $350/home
  • High-efficiency heat pump must have one of the following: Manual D duct design, HVAC commissioning or R-35 attic insulation with radiant barrier
    • With at least 15 SEER* and 8.2HSPF**  – $125/unit
    • With at least 16 SEER* and 8.2HSPF**  – $325/unit
    • HVAC commissioning – $50/unit
  • Home Energy rating (HERS) to verify ENERGY STAR requirements – up to $425/home
  • Roof deck insulation (Spray-in foam insulation) – $100/home
  • Reflective roof – $100/home
  • High-performance wall insulation – $200/home
  • Energy-recovery ventilation (ERV) – $150/home

  * Seasonal energy-efficiency ratio     

** Heating seasonal performance factor