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SunSense Commercial Solar PV Program

SunSense Commercial Solar PV

Important Update: The SunSense Commercial Solar PV program is fully subscribed for 2015. Please monitor this SunSense webpage for future updates.

When you add solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to your business, you can generate clean, renewable electricity any time the sun is shining. And if you qualify for our SunSense® Commercial Solar PV program Duke Energy will provide a rebate to help reduce the cost of installation. The program:

  • Provides rebates of up to $130,000 from Duke Energy
  • Reduces your electric bills to further improve your business cash flow
  • Adds to the value of your business facility
  • Demonstrates your commitment to renewable energy to your customers and employees

How the program works

Duke Energy has allocated $1.3 million per year towards the 2015 commercial PV program for customers wishing to install a PV system and qualify for a rebate. Please note:

  • Reservations will be issued on a first-come basis and only for correctly completed applications.
  • A reservation does not guarantee that a rebate will be awarded, only that funding for a rebate is available should the system be installed, meet all requirements and pass inspection.

How to estimate potential rebate amount

The SunSense Commercial Solar PV program provides a rebate based on the installed DC rated size of your PV system:

  • $2.00/watt – For the first 10 kW
  • $1.50/watt – 10 kW – 50 kW
  • $1.00/watt – 50 kW – 100 kW

For example, a 30 kW PV system will receive a SunSense rebate of $50,000 ($20,000 for the first 10kW and $30,000 for the remaining 20 kW of the system).

How to get started

Start by contacting solar contractors in your area to evaluate your site's potential for generating solar energy. It's always a good idea to secure quotes from several contractors. If you decide to proceed and want to apply for the Duke Energy rebate, review the requirements and follow the steps outlined in the application process.

It is important to note that to qualify for the incentive; installation of your PV system should not begin prior to receiving approval from Duke Energy.

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