SunSense Schools

SunSense Schools Florida

The SunSense® schools program helps schools in the Duke Energy service territory to manage energy costs while promoting energy education. The program:

  • Provides new solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to schools designated as Enhanced Hurricane Protection Area (EHPA) shelters, at no cost to the school.
  • Supports renewable energy education, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship by providing teachers and students with interactive learning experiences and training materials.

 Applications are available! To enter your school for the opportunity to receive a free PV system, see the "Apply" tab below.

See a complete list of all SunSense Schools recipients.

Free PV systems for schools

Each year Duke Energy will select up to 11 schools to receive fully installed PV systems. Selection is competitive with priority given to EHPA-designated schools; however, all public schools that are current Duke Energy customers may submit an application. Refer to the Apply tab for a list of Key Dates for 2015.

K-12 public schools

  • Up to 10 schools each year can receive a system of up to 10 kW with battery backup option.
  • Selection will favor schools that demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy education.

Public post-secondary schools

  • One school each year can receive a system of up to 100 kW.
  • Selection will be based on attendance, energy consumption, energy education plans and other criteria.

Minimum Requirements

To be eligible to receive a PV system through the SunSense schools program, schools must:

  • Be a public educational facility.
  • Be a current Duke Energy customer with a metered account.
  • Have an appropriate site available at the school for a ground-mounted PV system and must have facilities that meet the requirements for the interconnection of the PV system to the Duke Energy power system.

Among K-12 schools, priority will be given to schools designated as Enhanced Hurricane Protection Area (EHPA) shelters. Based on Florida statutes, EPHA shelters are determined by the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Selection Criteria
Applications will be evaluated and scores awarded using the following key categories:

Elementary through High Schools (K-12)

  • 40% – Commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy education
  • 20% – Location that maximizes geographic distribution throughout Duke Energy service territory
  • 20% – Number of students
  • 20% – Shelter capacity

Post-Secondary Schools (Colleges, universities, trade schools)

Post-secondary schools will be selected based on criteria such as attendance, energy consumption on main campus and plans to use the solar array as an educational and research tool.