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Customer Assistance Programs

Energy Neighbor Fund

Duke Energy’s Energy Neighbor fund is an energy-assistance program for our customers. This program provides assistance to customers who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties, such as sudden illness, unexpected unemployment, or an emergency or personal crisis. Energy Neighbor Fund contributions come from Duke Energy’s employees, customers, and the Duke Energy Foundation.

With the help of several social service agencies who distribute the funds collected, 100 percent of the money donated to the fund goes directly to helping keep the lights on.  The money stays in the communities in which it is collected.

Spanish Contact Channel

Is Spanish your preferred language?  At Duke Energy, we have dedicated teams here to serve you.  We also offer a majority of our informational brochures in Spanish.  Call 800.700.8744 for more information.


Bill Extender

This program is designed to help customers on a fixed income such as Social Security, retirement, or disability benefits who receive only one monthly income check that falls outside the due date of their electric bills. After enrollment, the billing due date will extend 9 days from the normal billing due date. To remain eligible for the program, payment must be received on time. Credit restrictions apply. Call 800.700.8744 for more information or to sign up.


Victim of Identity Theft?

Start by visiting the Federal Trade Commission's website at or call 877.438.4338. At this website, customers can print an ID Theft Affidavit at their convenience. The site also provides additional information to help customers secure their identity.

One of the requirements in the package is that the customer files a report with their local police/ sheriff department and obtains a printed copy.

Please send the notarized & completed ID theft affidavit form and police report to:

Duke Energy-Bay 73
PO Box 14042
St. Petersburg, FL 33733


Lifeline Assistance: Available from Your Local Phone Company

If you receive assistance from any of the programs below, you can save up to $9.25 per month on local phone service with Lifeline Assistance:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing or Section 8 Assistance
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Food Stamps
  • National School Lunch Free Meals Program

If you live on tribal lands, you also qualify for 50 percent off of your service connection fee (up to $30) if applicable, on new connections and transfer of service. Only one phone line per household is eligible for Lifeline. You may also qualify for Lifeline Assistance if your household income is less than 135 percent of the federal income poverty guidelines. Call the Public Service Commission at 800.342.3552 or your local phone provider for details or to request an application.


Braille/Large Print Bills

Duke Energy recognizes that our customers have many different needs and may prefer to receive their electric bills in different formats. We gladly provide electric bills in Braille or large print to customers who are visually impaired. Please call 800.700.8744 to request one of these options.


Medically Essential Program

Duke Energy’s Medically Essential Program identifies residential customers who are dependent on continuously electric-powered medical equipment.  Participation in the program does not guarantee uninterrupted electric service. The program does not automatically extend electric bill due dates, nor does it provide priority restoration.

The benefits/guidelines of the Medically Essential Program include:

  • Advanced notification of interruption of service due to non-payment of electric bill and pre-planned outages
  • Advanced warning of hurricanes/major storms with emphasis on making proper arrangements
  • Customers are required to pay their bills on time or will be subject to disconnection

To qualify, in accordance with Florida Statute Title XXVII Chapter 366.15:

  • The patient must reside at the customer of record address
  • Qualify annually and complete forms supplied by the public utility by a Florida licensed physician
  • Be dependent on continuously electric-powered medical equipment to avoid the loss of life or immediate hospitalization

In the event of loss of power, it is the customer's responsibility to have a power back-up system for their medical equipment, as well as an action plan for proceeding to the nearest medical facility.

To apply for participation in the Medically Essential Program, please call 800.700.8744.


Special Medical Needs – Emergency Operation Center Registration

Florida statutes establish a registration program available through county and municipal emergency management agencies for customers who may need special assistance during emergency evacuations and sheltering. Customers with special needs may contact their local emergency management agency for registration and more information.


Billing and Payment Options

Duke Energy has a variety of billing and payment options available.  Please click here to view the options.


Energy Saving Tools

Save energy and money. Find the resources to make the savings happen.