Florida Speakers Bureau

Florida Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker for an upcoming civic meeting or professional event? You can request a speaker from Duke Energy.

Electricity enhances many aspects of our lives. And Duke Energy has powered the lives and communities in Florida for more than a century. This is done through a complex system that includes a fleet of generation plants that produce electricity and thousands of miles of power lines that carry electricity to our homes and businesses. We work hard to ensure that the lights are shining, the AC is cooling, the phones are charging, and our state’s economy keeps on running.

Today, the electric industry is in a period of change. In Florida, challenges include dependence on natural gas, tightening environmental regulations and lack of a comprehensive energy policy as well as an aging infrastructure. Additionally, interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency is growing. As the cost of everything around us continues to increase, customers want to know how they can use energy more wisely and reduce costs.

It can be difficult to keep up with these rapidly evolving issues. That’s where Duke Energy can help. Our representatives will share the company’s plan for a sustainable energy future; one that benefits customers by providing reliable service at an affordable price, offering ways to save money on energy costs, supporting our communities, and positioning Florida for economic growth.

The length of the presentation is approximately 30 minutes (and can be modified to accommodate your meeting timeframe). It works well for a variety of meeting formats, including large events or small groups, employee lunch and learns, civic meetings or professional organization workshops. As we continue our unwavering commitment to our customers, the communities in which we live, work and raise our families, and to our state, we welcome the opportunity to speak to your group about this important matter that affects all of us—our energy future.

To request a speaker, please complete and submit this form. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to have the opportunity to see you and your group soon.

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To request a speaker, please complete and submit the form.