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Surge Protection

Surge Protection - Protect your home and electronics

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Protect appliances and electronics


Protect your major appliances from dangerous power surges

Our Surge Protection Service works at the meter to block surges before they reach your home's interior wiring, providing enhanced protection for your major appliances' motors and compressors.

  • Easy installation - appointments typically not necessary
  • Free grounding inspection and repairs
  • Helps provide excellent protection for major appliances' motors and compressors including your refrigerator, HVAC, washer and dryer.
  • Additional protection available for computers, TV and other electronics
  • Get Surge Protection for just $6.99/month* - conveniently added to your bill with a one-time installation fee of $44.95*
  • Upgrade with Surge Protection Added coverage for @2.99/month for $1,000 per incident and up to $2,000 per year to have your surge-related repairs reimbursed for electronics and electrical devices

Surge Coverage and Grounding protects your family's budget from the costs of having your electronics repaired after damage caused by power surges. Grounding coverage includes repair or replacement of your home's grounding electrode system at the electric meter, ensuring a safe connection at the meter.

Exclusions and limitations may apply. See terms and conditions for details.

ENROLL        Or call us 800.880.5603

*Does not include applicable sales tax

Exclusions and limitations apply. See terms and conditions for details. Surge Protection is administered by Duke Energy Florida, LLC located at 550 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28202 and provided by Service Plan of Florida, Inc. located at 175 W Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60604.

Surge Protection offered by Duke Energy is not regulated or sanctioned by the Florida Public Service Commission. Customers who purchase or subscribe to receive information about Duke Energy's Surge Protection will not receive preferential or special treatment from their utility company and customers are not required to purchase or subscribe in order to receive safe, reliable electric service. THIS MESSAGE IS PAID FOR BY THE SHAREHOLDERS OF DUKE ENERGY. FL Lic # QB25213

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