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Warranty Programs

Duke Energy offers far more than just reliable electricity. We help protect your in-home wiring, appliances and equipment with our HomeWIRE® Service and HomeWIRE® Deluxe Service, and we also protect you from the unexpected expense and trouble of repairing your water heater with our Water Heater Repair Service.

It's comfort, convenience and peace of mind – brought to you by Duke Energy.

  • HomeWire Service

    HomeWIRE Service

    The Duke Energy HomeWIRE Service covers up to $700 of electrical repairs per year and provides an easy way to schedule prompt repairs with a reputable electrician.

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    • 15-percent discount toward any noncovered electrical repairs
    • Covers up to $700 a year of electrical repairs
  • HomeWIRE Deluxe Service

    HomeWIRE Deluxe Service

    Most of us don’t have the time or the know-how to fix a faulty circuit breaker or install a ceiling fan. And hiring an electrician for either project can cost several hundred dollars for labor alone. That’s why Duke Energy created the HomeWIRE® Deluxe Service – a program that gives you easy access to a reliable, licensed electrician at an affordable monthly rate.

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    • 15% discount for upgrades and non-covered repairs
    • Up to $1200 worth of covered repairs
  • Water Heater Repair Service

    Water Heater Repair Service

    With the Water Heater Repair Service from Duke Energy you’ll have 24/7 emergency service that covers up to $850 a year for water heater repair or replacement if needed.

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    • 24-hour emergency hotline available 365 days a year
    • Qualified workmanship by licensed and insured technicians
    • Unlimited number of service calls per year
    • Up to $850 per year toward water heater repair or replacement
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