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Save Up To $147 A Year On Your Energy Bills

More than 400,000 Duke Energy customers have found that EnergyWise Home is a free, easy way to make a positive energy impact while getting up to $147 a year in bill credits. Unlike energy-saving measures in your own home, EnergyWise Home works across the community to lower energy usage during occasional periods when energy demand is unusually high.

Watch these 2 short videos below to see how EnergyWise Home works:



As an EnergyWise Home participant, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Automatic credits on your bill – up to $147 per year
  • Free
  • No long-term commitment

To get started, call 877.574.0341 Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., or use this online form.


You may choose to enroll some or all of the following equipment in your home: water heater, pool pump, central heating or air conditioning. Duke Energy then installs a small switch – usually in your garage – that can receive a signal during a time when energy demand in our area is unusually high. There is no cost for installation and no cost to participate.

If a period of high energy demand occurs, communication can be sent to enrolled equipment (only) anywhere in the community to cycle power off and on and temporarily reduce energy use. The system normally calls first upon water heaters, then pool pumps, which is usually sufficient to ease demand. These cycles occur only during limited times - view the details tab above for more information. No wonder most participants say they never even notice.

Plus, since more than 400,000 customers participate in EnergyWise Home, the impact on any single household is minimal. It's easy to forget you are part of EnergyWise Home until you see the savings on your bill.

Join EnergyWise Home today to start saving on your energy bill and help your community at the same time.

To get started, call 877.574.0341 Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., or use this online form.

*Not all HVAC units are currently compatible with the EnergyWise Home system. Please call 877.574.0341 to learn more.