Duct Repair

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Duct repairs are easy – and they pay off

Finding and fixing air leaks in your ductwork is an easy, cost-effective home improvement. You’ll lower your bills and keep your home more comfortable year-round.

Our prequalified contractors test your heating and cooling system for leaks and can make any recommended repairs.

  • Duct test: Duke Energy pays half of the $60 test. Your cost is just $30.
  • Duct repairs: Duke Energy pays the first $150.
  • Average repair costs: Most homes require around $300 of repairs.


Three steps



To qualify, you must begin with a free Home Energy Check.

If you have already had a Home Energy Check:

Fill out the form in the link below or call us to schedule your duct test.

If you have not yet had a Home Energy Check:

This free check will help you understand and improve your home’s energy efficiency. You can complete the check in less than 15 minutes over the phone or online. You may also schedule an in-home check.