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Energy-Efficient Windows

Reduce the amount of the sun's heat that enters your home, increase your comfort and lower your energy costs by installing energy-efficient replacement windows. Duke Energy will pay up to $400 when you upgrade to energy-efficient windows or make your existing windows more energy efficient. This offer is available for single-family homes. Multifamily homes do not qualify for this incentive.

You must have a free Home Energy Check with a qualifying recommendation performed before any work begins (within the past 24 months) to qualify for this incentive.

Make your windows energy-efficient

Duke Energy offers rebates for:

  • High-performance replacement windows

High-performance replacement windows

Professionally installed energy-efficient windows eliminate hot spots in your house, reduce outside noise and protect your walls and furniture from fading.

  • $2 per square foot of window area, up to $400
  • Home must have whole-house electric heating and cooling
  • Only East, West & South facing window installations qualify

This offer is for single-family homes. Click here to learn more about the Multi-Family Energy Improvement Program.