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Save Up to $147 a Year with EnergyWise Home

Three easy options to save on your energy bill

EnergyWise Home offers three convenient program options:

  • Year-round: Earn energy bill credits all year long. Enroll your central electric heating, air conditioning and, for maximum monthly credits -- up to $14 in winter and up to $11 in summer -- include your electric water heater and pool pump.
  • Winter-only: Earn energy bill credits of up to $11.50 November through March by enrolling your central electric heating system and electric water heater.
  • Add solar for ultimate savings: Want to go green and save green? Earn an upfront $550 credit and up to $60 a year in EnergyWise Home savings: install a new solar water heater and enroll your central electric cooling/heating/water heating systems and pool pump (if you have one).

More benefits: A new solar heating system can cut your water heating costs by 85 percent. What’s more, you may be eligible for federal incentives. Find out more about our Solar Water Heating program.

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