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If you'd like a room-by-room evaluation of your home's energy usage, we can come to your home to perform a Home Energy Check. Just complete the following form to request an appointment.

After the walkthrough, you'll receive your detailed report, plus a free energy-efficiency kit that includes energy-efficient LED light bulbs, weather stripping and other energy-saving items that could save you up to $280 in energy costs.*

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* Yearly savings listed are estimates based on a typical home of approximately 1,850 sq. ft. with an annual kWh usage of 15,500, calculated at $.13/kWh for simplification. They are based upon engineering assumptions and approximations from PEF Base Study, DOE and ENERGY STAR®. Actual savings may differ from those estimated due to variations in weather, individual energy use habits and home characteristics. Free energy-efficiency kit given upon completion of a Home Energy Check conducted at your home by a Duke Energy advisor. Kits are for a residential Home Energy Check only.