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More Information If You Received a Notice

If your notice indicates that you need to contact us for an appointment, please call 1.877.727.1531 from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Friday or 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday.

If you are a commercial customer and have a Duke Energy Progress Account Executive, feel free to contact them directly.

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  • I received a letter about my meter. Do I need to do anything?

    If you received a letter, your meter is scheduled to be replaced as part of this project.

    If the meter is accessible, you will probably not need to be present for the installation. If your letter indicated that we need to schedule an appointment to ensure access to the meter, please call us at 1.877.727.1531.

  • I received a doorhanger. Now what?

    The doorhanger lets you know that our installer came to your property to replace the meter.

    If your doorhanger indicates that we successfully completed the installation, then there is nothing that you need to do.

    If your doorhanger indicates that you need to make an appointment for a return visit, please call us at 1.877.727.1531 any time from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. M-F or 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday for details.

  • Will my power be off during the change out?

    Many meter change outs will not cause an interruption in service. If you have questions or concerns, please call 1.877.727.1531.

  • Why does my meter need to be changed?

    These new digital AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) meters will allow you to have the meter read electronically rather than manually. This is more convenient for you and can help reduce costs over time. 

    By replacing manually read meters with digital meters, we are updating the technology deployed across our system and laying the groundwork to support future grid modernization efforts while reducing the operating costs associated with monitoring manually read meters.

  • What will be different after the new meter is installed?

    Initially the new meter will continue to be read manually for a period of time. When the communications network is complete, it will no longer be necessary to have someone visit your home or business to read the meter each month.  Otherwise you will notice no change in your service or bill.

  • Do the new meters offer any additional services I can utilize to save energy?

    Although they may facilitate the addition of energy-efficiency services in the future, there are no new programs directly associated with these new digital meters.

  • Are these the same as the “smart meters” I have heard other utilities are installing?

    The new digital AMI meters being installed are frequently called smart meters because they offer communications opportunities in the future that will be useful as the electric system infrastructure (the grid) is upgraded. This effort is often referred to as building a “smart grid.”

  • Are these new meters safe? What about radio frequency exposure?

    According to a 2011 study by the California Council on Science and Technology, a typical cellphone has more than 125 times the amount of radio frequency exposure than a digital AMI meter.

    The FCC categorizes AMI meters as low-power radio frequency devices, similar to wireless Internet routers, wireless baby monitors, garage door openers and other common wireless devices found in the home. These meters are subject to the same rigorous FCC certification and safety standards as other common wireless technologies.

  • How does the signal emitted from an AMI meter compare to that of an existing residential Duke Energy Progress meter?

    Both meters transmit radio frequency signals that fall well within Federal Communications Commission guidelines.

    Independent studies have confirmed that both types of meters are safe and secure.

  • How will information from these new digital meters be used?

    The new meter will provide Duke Energy Progress with encrypted kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption information at regular intervals for billing and reliability purposes. This information is similar to that already provided by customers’ existing meters.

    The company currently has no plans to store sensitive customer information on these meters. As a regulated utility, we recognize the importance of protecting customer information at all times and employ multiple levels of security to keep information safe.

  • What kind of information will the new meter capture and how will that be used?

    The new meters will collect the same information that is currently collected through manual meter reading. Duke Energy Progress will use this information to support monthly customer billing.  Information that you currently use to monitor your energy usage and manage your bills will not change.

  • Are all of Duke Energy Progress' customers going to receive a new meter during this project?

    No. Many customers already received a new digital meter during our most recent meter update in 2005-2006.  This project will only include the approximately 68,000 older time-of-use and commercial manually read meters in the Carolinas.

  • What is the timeline for this project?

    Duke Energy Progress will begin the meter replacement project in the fourth quarter of 2012. The project should be completed by the end of 2013.

  • Can I opt out of having my meter replaced?

    As with any of the company’s programs and initiatives, we will consider customers’ concerns and attempt to resolve or otherwise accommodate their requests when reasonably achievable.

  • How much will the new meter deployment cost and who will pay for it?

    The meter exchange will be paid for with funds provided by a U.S. Department of Energy smart grid grant.

    Customers with additional questions about their digital AMI meter may call 1.800.452.2777 for more information.

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